Oslo Legal Hackathon 2018

When people get ill, either mentally or physical ill, they are often unable to have control of things such as their home.  In situations like this, it is smart to name a guardian to have your future authorization. This is a way of having control over a situation where people might not be in control anymore. Without it, families might feel helpless in taking care of the persons home, without any guidelines of doing so. By having a future authorization people can plan how things will be taken care of. 

Today, this process is difficult to understand, and the descriptions on the forms are not self explanatory.

During 24 hours in Oslo Legal Hackathon, I together with four other people with legal and tech background, made a concept that was making the process of future authorization, easier.   

We presented our work in a pitch for a jury, and demonstrated our prototype of the website.

It was a great experience for me as a designer to get a glimpse of the legal tech world.

How can you make sure you get control over a situation you might loose control in, such as amnesia? And how can you go through this process by feeling you have full understanding and control over each step?

All of the Illustrations are made by me. 

Our solution was an online tool to easily name who would have your future authorization. We removed everything that was not important information, and kept it as simple as possible so the user would understand. The service enabled digital signing with video, this would make it easier for everyone, in comparison to existing solutions where people need to meet in person to sign a piece of paper. 

We wanted the user to feel comfortable and safe during this process. We wanted it to be low threshold so people would do this before they got ill.

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