Vanessa Myrtle Brokstad

Product/Service designer

I am a Masters student in Product design at Oslo and Akershus University of Applies Sciences. Throughout my studies I have learned a lot in various of fields. I have worked in projects with a high focus on the users needs, behavior and experiences. To have a tight collaboration with the user and mapping their needs have been key to all of my projects. I have also worked on projects with material and prototyping focus. Where my task is to tell the story of a product through visual communication. My most interesting work have been those projects with a service combined with a physical product. An object itself is noting without the system around it, and I really like working with a holistic approach.  I am currently at my second year of the masters degree, and I specialize my master in Service Design.

I am a reflective person and a good listener. I like being outside in the nature and capture nice moments with my camera. My dream is to be a significant contributor to a more sustainable future.

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