In project Actimake we have focused on motivating asylum seekers to have active routines every day. Asylum seekers have the opportunity to make a stool that will be sold for charity, where some of the incomes goes to their home country. We have designed a stool that will be made by the help of templates and a manual. By making this product, asylum seekers will learn skills such as woodworking and weaving.

The pattern of books symbolizes education and the pattern of crosses symbolizes emergency aid- which is what the money goes to.

Each participant will get a name tag to place on the stool that make. This shows what country they come from- which will be the country the incomes of the stool goes to.

The project was exhibited at Oslo city hall.

Through knowledge we got from workshops at asylum centers in Norway, we have created solutions together with the recidents that benefit their wants and needs.

In the program asylum seekers will use an instruction manual to make the stool. This manual is designed to be easily understood without language.

Website with webshop and application possibilities.

Our design and description of the system that surrounds this project:

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