Du har mer enn nok - a campaign film

The textile industry is the second most polluted industry in the world.

It is about time that we do more to change the population's increasing consumption of products.

I made a campaign focusing on changing consumer behavior in young adults, aiming at reducing the amount of textiles that pollute the globe.

The campaign focuses on linking the problems in the textile industry, with our Norwegian reality understanding. The textile industry is widely discussed in the media. It illuminates bad working conditions such as decaying factories, wages people barely can live by, and carcinogens pesticides to name a few. Unfortunately, these terrible stories have little impact on our actions.

Five years ago, the textile factory Rana Plaza collapsed in Bangladesh, 1,138 textile workers lost their lives. The following year after the biggest accident in the textile industry, the textile industry income actually increased.

It is clear that cultural differences and geographic distances create a mental distance to what is happening in the Far East. It's easy for us in the west to look another way, justify our actions and push the blame on the big companies. But basically it all starts with us and how we consume clothes.

I wish with this campaign to challenge this. I want to ask questions about our actions. It involves highlighting our constant pursuit of materialism.

I want to create reflections, wonderings, feelings of anger and despair at the recipients. The campaign has a clear message: buy fewer clothes, you have more than enough!

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