In this project I held a series of interviews and surveys to figure out how peoples habits and knowledge about food are. 

One of the biggest findings was that a lot of people throw away a lot of their vegetables because they think parts of it is not edible, for instance the leek, they cut away half of it and throw it in the trash.

By creating awareness of how much the food we buy can be used for and tricks of how we can keep them longer, I hope this project can contribute to less food waste. 

The design is inspired by old Second World War propaganda posters to make sure every bit of food wasn't going to waste.

This was combined with inspiration from todays body awareness campaigns. In the way we want people to accept their bodies, I wanted people to accept their food for how they look, and what they can be.

These are vegetables that gocery stores don't sell anymore because they know people will not buy them in this state.

In this project my focus was on how we can use more of the food we have and create less waste.

 The result was an Instagram and Facebook campaign that would lead to a website with information about how to utilize the food in a better way.

Small beauty marks, are not accepted. 

The system of the campaign Foodacceptance. It shows how the campaign and the website and other functions are linked together. Long term strategy for the campaign would be to create an encyclopedia for food, that would enable people to search for e.g. an onion and get a lot of information on dishes you can use it for, how to grow it, how to pickled it and so on. 

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