Giga Mapping of Textile- 

and Textile Waste- industry

In this map I tried to get as holistic view as possible on the textile industry and the textile waste industry. My goal with this project was to map as much as possible and with this information find a solution on how we can improve the textile waste industry. The map is based on research with interviews with several textile waste actors and users of these systems. My findings led to multiple suggestive solutions to how we can reduce our textile waste.

The textile industry is complex, both because it is a system that involves many different actors, people, cultures, subsystems and economies, but also, because it is a system that spreads over the globe.

All these factors make it difficult to keep the industry fair. The clothing industry is a very good example of the differences in the world. Just take a look at the tag in the clothes you're wearing now. It's weird to think that this very garment has likely been in the hands of a very poor person on a completely different continent?

The solution is based on some of the many findings I made during the investigations. I have come up with a solution that will help to solve a small problem in comparison to the total problem with this industry.

We have to start somewhere, and I say it is time for us to be better at handling how we consume textiles. If we want changes in the textile industry which really matters, we must also change how we buy, use and throw away our textiles.

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